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IWS work with our clients to help improve the management and operations of their buildings, estates and infrastructure assets.

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IWS Asset Performance

IWS understand the importance of maximising the efficiency and performance of built environment assets. Our expert team helps our clients manage, improve, and enhance their property estate.

We provide a suite of strategic, operational, tactical, and technical consulting solutions across the built environment. Aimed at maximising asset performance, sustainability, and efficiency, mitigating risk, and reducing cost.

CAPEX Planning

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Capital project expense, asset category, and useful life help determine the net impact of each individual project and determine which projects to fund and when.

IWS allocate industry recognised replacement values to each asset allowing the granular build-up of replacement/refurbishment costs that form the foundation of an asset investment plan and capital budget.

Lifecycle Planning

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IWS work with customers to develop and implement asset life cycle management plans, reducing the need for reactive maintenance, subsequently decreasing downtime.

Effective asset life cycle management can extend asset lifespans, reduce the cost to maintain the asset throughout its life, and make the asset more reliable/less likely to break down spontaneously.

3D & Virtual Reality

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The IWS adoption of advanced field technology allows us to obtain reliable information about physical assets and the environment through the process of recording, measuring, and interpreting photographic images.

The means for recording these images ranges from conventional HD images, thermographic images through to laser point scanning.

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We conduct all business with the highest standards

We offer a professional, reliable service tailored to each client’s needs. With over 25 years’ experience, delivering compliance and installation works worldwide and throughout the UK. Offering the highest standard of quality and service to clients, large and small.

We offer highly qualified staff, with a skilled technical team. When professional discretion is required, we have our in house security cleared team covering all clearance levels.

We collect, assess and interrogate asset data as the foundation of your asset management strategy.

Underpinned by RUBIX, our data analytics platform displays complex asset performance data in a simple, easy to understand format.

Data Analytics

Through the analysis of asset data, we make informed decisions about planned maintenance, statutory compliance and control and optimisation of expenditure.

Allowing customers to optimise performance, extend asset lifecycles, and reduce operational downtime and costs whilst managing and mitigating risk.

RUBIX has been developed consistency, accuracy, improved productivity with minimised risk.

Strategy Consulting

Our consultants work with our clients to provide expert independent advice to enable and implement transformation and change to your facility, maintenance, and estate strategy.

Typical strategy implementation such as Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) or Business Focussed Maintenance (BFM) strategy allows you to mitigate risk, increase uptime and reduce cost across your estate.

Compliance Solutions

IWS provides a best-in-class standard of audit, assessment, management, and strategy development for all building services assets and systems.

Utilising the core asset data to determine requirements, our consultants overlay a compliance map that provides a clear path to achieving and maintaining your compliance position – ensuring the safety of your estate and avoiding the potential for prosecution.

Energy Management & Audit

The IWS investment grade audits thoroughly and accurately identify the most cost-effective energy and carbon reduction opportunities for buildings.

This approach analyses the financial aspects of energy and carbon savings and the return on investment from potential changes or upgrades to help you save money and reduce energy consumption through tangible actions.


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